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avocados are underrated

i love the fact that randomly there’s an avocado in our fridge. that i can use to put on my sandwich at 2 in the morning. feel like the sandwich was really taken to another level by the avocado. got me to thinking that avocados can be paired with a lot of other foods. its kind of like the nutella of fruits, add it to anything and it’ll tastes better.

happy founders day to all the amazing ladies of DeltaSigmaTheta sorority inc.



lovely darling
precious starling
reaching to the stars, I’ll steal them all for you 
calling, crawling, spinning, falling, all for you 

that bird is seriously unreal. Violet-backed starling - Cynniricinclus leucogaster - wiki page here.

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nicola localzo: AYITI

The unique aspects of Haiti, whose date of birth coincides with the abolition of slavery and the birth of the first black republic in 1804, have been determined by its history. In Haiti, the memory becomes a unifying element, perhaps the only common denominator of a vertical society divided into castes. In all social latitudes, memories of the resistance to slavery acquire a value of identity and give a sense of belonging to the same historic community. But these are selective memories, which coincide with the memory of the Haitian Revolution and the Independence, while erasing both the colonial and the post-revolutionary period. Unlike the removal operated by the Western world, these memories have been embraced by the different social groups living in the country, each in its own way, so that today Haiti has an exceptional heritage based on popular culture, even if largely unrecognized by the public institutions and the international community. This series traces for the first time the multiple experiences related to these key memories, the descendants of revolutionaries, the Voodoo pantheon, the «Poles» affair, the Carnival in Jacmel, the «relics» of national heroes, the question of the debt (or ransom) of Haiti and the new forms of re-appropriation of the past, to the impressively popular initiative of the «Movement for the Success of the Image of the Independence Heroes» (Mouvement pour la Réussite de l’Image des Héros de l’Indépendance d’Haïti).

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So baby love me, before they all love me… until you won’t love me, because they’ll all love me.

—The Weeknd (Rolling Stone)

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